Sofa shampooing

Sofa shampooing service in Nepal

Sofa shampooing and upholstery cleaning service

Sofa Cleaning is important to avoid allergies and harmful diseases caused due dust particles and germs accumulated in sofa. Also, regular maintenance of sofa increases life span of sofa.

We generally prefer sofa for relaxing, sleeping or seating. Hence, sofa is the most used furniture in our home. Since we are in contact with sofa most of the time, dust particles, flea, bacteria, and other harmful germs are accumulated in sofa which causes allergies and other dangerous diseases in human body. Also, dirt in sofa decreases the quality and life span of sofa. Therefore, to ensure a healthy environment inside the family, clean services provide professional sofa shampooing service, upholstery cleaning service, and sofa washing service in Kathmandu Nepal.

Spraying chemical German chemical


Manually rubbing sofa with scrubbing pad

manually-rubbing -with-scrubber

Drying sofa

drying-sofa | sofa shampooing

Clean Services Sofa Cleaning Procedure

Clean Services applies ‘German Chemical Methodology’ for sofa cleaning service. German chemicals can be used in all rage of temperature. It improves floor hygiene and is free from the bleaching agents. Also, this chemical gives a pleasant and fresh fragrance.

Fabric Sofa Cleaning:
  1. Use of German chemical to kill germs and allergens.
  2. Dust and allergens extraction using spray extraction cleaner (Karcher puzzy machine).
  3.  Effective cleaning and quick drying


Leather Sofa Cleaning:
  1. Dry mopping and cleaning.
  2. Applying leather cleaning chemicals and brushing.
  3. Conditioning using leather conditioners for softness and shine.