Carpet and Rug Cleaning

Carpet and Rug cleaning service in Kathmandu, Nepal

According to the international report, Kathmandu is among the top most polluted cities in the world. Even people living in Kathmandu valley call Kathmandu as ‘Dhulomandu’. Every day people suffer from dust particle entering their house. These dust particles accumulate in the carpet, rugs through air and physical means. Dust particle gathered in the carpet and rugs has adverse effect on the health of family.

Carpet and Rug cleaning service in Kathmandu, Nepal

Dirty carpet can contain sources to indoor air pollutant, bugs like Dust Mites, Cockroach, Carpet Beetles etc. which can cause several diseases like Asthma, Dust Allergies and helps in communicable diseases. Therefore, to live a healthy life, carpet cleaning is the most important thing to do from the people living in Kathmandu valley. Here, we provide the professional carpet cleaning technique to keep your house from dust free environment.

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