Garden Waterfall Pond Cleaning

Garden Waterfall Pond Cleaning service in Kathmandu, Nepal

These days most of the houses are set upped with garden waterfall pond as it adds beauty in the garden as well as soothing flow of water helps to keep the environment pleasant and peaceful. Most of the people spend hours of time in their garden waterfall to reduce stress and tension.

Garden waterfall pond cleaning service in Kathmandu, Nepal

After installing garden waterfall, it should be maintained regularly. Various problems like dirt in garden stones, algae in the waterfall area etc. can be found in garden waterfall pond in case of irregular maintenance. Garden waterfall pond cleaning technique clears the moss, algae, lichen and other fungus and bacteria present in the garden waterfall. Moss, algae and lichen present in the waterfall affects the soothing sound of water flow. Also, fungus and bacteria in the garden waterfall pond can cause several health issues.

Waterfall cleaning at International Convention Centre, Nepal

Therefore, garden waterfall pond should be cleaned in regular interval in professional way. We provide the most professional way of garden waterfall pond cleaning technique in Nepal.

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